it costs $$money$$ to make independent music,

art and the like on a continuing basis.

Of you dig Juba Kalamka's work, please consider donating whatever funds you can at the link below. Thanks!!




Ooogabooga Under Fascism  ( released 8.12.2012)
(sugartruck 712)

10.99 CD/7.00 MP3


Juba Kalamka's second solo release , available on CD in October 2012.






This and That :Instrumental [s]  ( released 8.12.2012)
(sugartruck 1970)

10.99 CD/7.00 MP3


Instrumental CD featuring Juba's production work for film, television and various

homohop artists including Johnny Dangerous,Deep Dickollective and more.

CD version available in October 2012.